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Greenpeace Canada - Michele Genest (The Boreal Gourmet) is a Yukon chef whose savoury dishes combine ingredients freshly picked in the boreal forest with cooking techniques from all around the world. With her, cook delicious recipes and discover the boreal forest like you've never see it before.

Tasty Banana Fritters - Watch this quick, simple video to make Tasty Banana fritters with spicy salsa. Yum! 

The Boreal Gourmet and the Saucy Sausage - The Boreal Gourmet is in trouble when a sausage-making demo at a Yukon charity function goes terribly awry...

Travel Yukon - Join Michele Genest, The Boreal Gourmet, as she describes her love of cooking in the north, working with Yukon First Nations on a project called "Vadzaih: Cooking Carbou from Antler to Hoof" and the new north cuisine that is starting to emerge.


Yukon Southern Frontier: Canada Over the Edge (Season 4) - Whitehorse, the "Wilderness City", is the major population centre in the Yukon Territory; it has become a destination for food foragers. Michele Genest, author of "The Boreal Feast" encourages people to learn about their own local wild and foraged foods.(Click on image to open)

Your Morning - Yukon based chef and author Michele Genest shares ‘wild’ foods from the Yukon. Party food with a Yukon Twist.



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